Our Service practice is focused on building and delivering solutions to our clients that integrate and aggregate their operations in such a way that our clients get back the control of their applications and flexibility in how these applications support their operations.

BISIL builds ‘close-fit’ Business Applications that are architected to remain ‘Evergreen’ by giving our clients the capability to keep changing these applications as business needs change and evolve.

The BISIL team achieves this twin goal of ‘Close-fit’ and ‘Evergreen Solutions’by providing solutions that make it easy to change the two most dynamic parts of any business’ operation … Business Rules, and the Workflow. This is done by architecting these solutions with bespoke developed components; using Sigmify – BISIL’s Business Process Management products to encapsulate the Business Rules, and Workflows using its ‘No-Code Low-Code’ approach; and by using specific utilities for narrowly defined functionalities.

BISIL provides the full range of Application services ranging from Solution Development through Hosting and Application Operations to Operational Application Support. These include Studying the Requirements, Architecting the Solution, Designing the Applications required in the solution, Developing an Execution and Deploying strategy, Developing and Deploying the Solution, Transitioning from Legacy Applications being sunset, Integrating with Existing Application and Data Warehouse infrastructure as required and Providing Live Application Support as required.

BISIL’s BPM centric strategy has been successfully used to provide solutions specific in verticals like Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Professional Services, and e-Commerce; in functional areas like Patient Care, HR, Finance and Accounts, Production and Production Planning, Relationship Management.

These BPM centric solutions help automate workflows, provide tools for teams to collaborate, whether at work or on the go – using the mobility capabilities. These solutions are most effective in areas where Systems of Record fail to provide desired solutions because of lack of integration between systems or due to lack of functionality. This failure to provide desired functionality could be because of a combination cost, desired flexibility, or ability of these systems to integrate.

BISIL’s services are geared to building solutions that provide three key values – Integration between existing system of record that exist, providing good initial fit solutions for functionality that is currently missing, and an ability to keep the solutions evergreen.