About Us

BISIL is a provider of Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) products and related services. It provides Business Process Management technology solutions to it’s clients around the world.


“To be a leading provider of solutions and services to help automate, integrate and manage business processes”

  • Develop applications, tools, techniques and services that lead to the integration of these business processes within the organizations and with the real world
  • Create a technology and develop human resources that can take up any business process automation challenge and provide a satisfactory solution.
  • Help our customers leverage their technology investments by providing solutions that use their existing solutions and reap the benefits of technological advancements.

We understand that the way that organizations do businesses changes constantly, and that the technology they use affects both ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the businesses.

Our mission is to provide products and solutions that will integrate with our customers’ existing computing and automation infrastructure. This will help our customers leverage their existing infrastructure. In order to meet this mission objective the products and solutions that we provide should be based on Open World technologies and should be based on commonly accepted industry standards.

Further, every organization is unique in the way that it works, and while a bulk of its processes are automated using standardized software products like ERP, CRM, EHR, or other similar systems acting as the system of record, it is the processes that cannot be automated by these systems that cause most operational issues. These are the ‘gaps’ that need to be addressed.

It is our mission to provide software and solutions that provide not only a good close-fit initial solution to fill these gaps; it should also provide a good platform for the solution to be kept evergreen, i.e. keep the solution evolving as the organization’s process automation needs change. This mission objective can be met by bringing the making of the solution as close to the usage of the solution. This can be done by providing a ‘Low-code No-code’ approach to configuring solutions.


We believe that if we deliver value – our customers will stay with us. We take pride in our ability to serve to our customer’s satisfaction. We believe in providing solutions that are easy to understand and use. Making solutions easy to use requires a lot of thought and effort. We believe that this effort is well worth it. We believe that if our solutions reflect the reality of our customer’s situations, help them mirror their real world practices, it will make it easier for them to adopt the solution.

BISIL promises to give its customers true value in terms of deliverables that are optimized to fill needs in the best possible manner. We always strive to advise the customer a solution that not only responds to the current requirements, but also will cater to the future by being scalable in line with the customers’ perceived growth path.

We take due effort to ensure that our solutions are at the cutting edge of technology, thus ensuring that they remain contemporary allowing the customer to concentrate on upgradation investments in other areas. We believe that a correct technology choice is only half the job done when dealing with the complex and ever-changing environment businesses operate in today. Execution is key. We never lose sight of that.

We also believe in minimizing initial acquisition costs and offer product solutions with licensing that is usage based. We believe in working with our customers to make the solutions cost effective for them. Not surprisingly, we are a process driven company, and we believe that processes help delivery quality. Therefore we have processes for Iterative SDLC – IX-SDLC, change management, version control, GAP analysis and monitoring, Document control, Concern and Corrective Action and Failure analysis and prediction.


BISIL was founded in Nov 1990 and has its roots in developing and implementing enterprise class products and applications. In over 30 years BISIL has built and sold 4 products. These are…
A Geographical Information System in early 90s. The GIS product saw limited usage due to lack of digitized maps.
This was followed in the mid 90s by our first enterprise class product – Finserv. Finserv was an enterprise class product for full function financial intermediaries. Finserv quickly captured the Non-Banking Financial Services Market in India and was a market leader in its segment.

BISIL started work in 1998 on a cutting-edge product for those times – Enj. Enj was built specifically for the internet during the early days of internet adoption as a tool for business. Enj was launched in 2002 and was quickly recognized as one of the first Low-Code No-Code Business Process Management products. BISIL has delivered many solutions built on Enj over the past 20 years. These solutions were for a wide variety of use cases in industries ranging from Financial Services, Professional Services, Manufacturing to Healthcare.

BISIL developed and launched a personal tax product called Taxshax in 2007. This product was sunset in 2016 after a reasonably successful run for 9 years.
BISIL has been working on Sigmify a Collaborative BPM which builds on the success of Enj and adds significant capabilities by adding layers for Collaboration and wrapping it with AI/ ML capabilities.

Board of Directors

Manab Sen

Manoj Sinha

Srinivas Venkatram

Key Team Members

Dipali Verma



Harikrishna Dammalapati

Chief Operating Officer

Manoj Sinha

Managing Director

Savita Pathak

Chief Executive Officer


Sujay Phoujdar

Applications Manager

Tushar Nerurkar

IT Infrastructure Manager


Umesh Desale

Development Manager

Working with us

All of us at BISIL make an extra effort to ensure alignment of our objectives to ensure our mutual success.

We take pride in our ‘team spirit’ and working here is a rewarding experience. While the company objectives are a focus, all of us are encouraged to not to lose sight of our individual objectives. We provide support to each other to work towards these objectives.

We respect individuals and believe in their capabilities. They are encouraged to achieve a high level of productivity through constant motivation and creative use of technology. Growth and rewards at BISIL are based on merit and performance. BISIL is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We believe in providing long-term careers to people.

We have a very flat structure made up of fairly independent teams. Coupled with a work culture characterized by informality, opportunities for self- expression and challenging projects, working here is always an exciting proposition.

We have a professional approach to managing our work and Project Management. We use contemporary techniques to plan, execute and monitor our projects. The guidelines and frequent reviews ensure that the tasks are completed within the time-frame and there are no slippages on that count.

BISIL is a solution configuration, development and implementation company. At BISIL we have a balanced mix of engineers, Subject Matter Experts, and Business Managers. So, you will be working with trained and experienced professionals, combining functional experience with technical soundness. 

We believe in hiring the best and are always looking for outstanding talent. Here are some open opportunities  at BISIL.