All our products have robust BPM technology at their foundation. BPM (Business Process Management) is a business solution approach that views a business as a set of processes or workflows. Our products enable users to model, implement, execute, monitor and optimize their business management processes.

Introduction to BPM

Through the proliferation of a multitude of systems, organizations today have become a maze of silos, which have a large amount of information. The need now is to put together gap fillers which will make all the information meaningful and useful for decision making. 

Today systems portfolio in an organization can be categorised into three layers called Systems of Record (SoR), Systems of Differentiation (SoD) and Systems of Innovation (SoI). 

• Systems of record (SoR) are applications (mostly COTS) which are standard across organizations in one or more than one sector. They are used for running operations and help organizations across the sector take care of common issues. Such systems include ERP, CRM, HRMS etc.
• Systems of Differentiation (SoD) originate out of having better ideas than competitors where organizations build systems to do something better than their peers and competitors.
• Systems of Innovation (SoI) are born out of completely new ideas when organizations are looking to break away from the pack using a new approach

Our Products Based on BPM Technology


Sigmify is collaboration platform in the context of your business. Sigmify brings you multiple benefits in a single price. Sigmify helps you bring every team member on the same page, brings control over scattered data across different applications and unifies communication spread over different media such as emails and chat.

Sigmify helps you automate your business processes. You can subscribe from the pre-built, ready to use processes or create new processes on your own that meet your exact requirements.

Sigmify helps you reduce your automation costs. There is no need to acquire hardware or software – Sigmify is a Software as a Service – SaaS. No installation, no setup, no maintenance required. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Use the services offered by Sigmify and simply ‘Pay-as-you-use’.

It is very easy to register with Sigmify and start using it. You can start using in two easy steps. Once you get started, you are taken to the dashboard which is your ‘view and act’ platform. There is no clutter, and there are very few ‘screens’ to get familiar with, and fewer clicks to perform your daily tasks! All this makes very very very easy to use.

Once you get started, and you begin to like it, you can invite your colleagues to join The dashboard provides a single window on all the tasks  performed by you and your colleagues that require your attention. You can comment on each other’s activities, share experiences, knowledge thus collaborating to get the best out of your team.

Sigmify is a go-to solution for automating your business processes, integrating with different applications and collaborating with your dispersed teams



Enj is an enterprise class Business Process Management software product, which provides you the ability to define business processes, to automate transactions, document, flows and other actions required with Business processes. Enj helps make this possible using a low-code no-code approach. This gives you the flexibility and ability to morph processes over time keeping your solutions in synch with your evolving business needs.

The principal benefits of Enj are that it provides:

 A good close fit initial solution

Enj integrates with other applications using either direct Database access, File or data stream transfer or its variants, and web-services.

Capabilities that are supported by Enj’s no-code low-code approach that lets you do this without having to write code or do a lot of programming

To know more about Enj and how it can help your organization please visit


Taxshax is a B2C app for preparation and e-filing of individual income tax returns online. is built on BISIL’s BPM suite Enj Apart from individuals using the product, the client list for includes leading national and multinational companies and banks who have signed up for a corporate account.

Taxshax is safe, secure and user-friendly and addresses the need of the Indian income taxpayer, for accurate and stress-free income tax calculation, preparation and e-filing directly to the income tax website. Taxshax has been structured to take into account periodic changes in Indian Income Tax laws and online income tax return filing procedures.

It uses a simplified adaptive step-by-step interview based approach. This approach helps simplify the task of preparing income tax returns by breaking it down into incremental logical and manageable tasks. In this interview based approach users are asked questions that are relevant to them in the context of their own income situations and as they respond to the questions Taxshax applies the relevant tax laws, computes taxes, and adapts itself to ask more questions based on the answers provided till the stage in question. As their testimonials attest, the users appreciate the ease of use, simplicity and efficiency that Taxshax has brought to the process.

Taxshax offers an electronic dashboard for accessing past returns absolutely. Taxshax also offers a facility to Tax Consultants to prepare returns of their clients from a single Tax consultant userid and e-file them directly to income tax website.