We are committed to offer solutions to our clients which leverage their current investment and at the same time expose them to the cutting edge technology.

Enj has been successfully used to provide solutions specific to verticals like Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Professional Services, e-Commerce.

Enj is also being used for building and managing solutions in functional areas like HR, Finance and Accounts, Production and Production Planning, Relationship Management. The Enj solutions for these functional areas are applicable to multiple industry verticals.

With the recent release of the new widget based portal Enj has found increased usage and deployment in automating processes. The collaboration platform brings the key capability of ‘converse’ around transaction that requires interaction with co-workers that are not a part of the normal flow of transactions.

Enj Solutions are most effective in operational areas where traditional systems of record fail to provide desired solutions because of lack of integration between systems or lack of functionality. This failure to provide desired functionality could be because of a combination cost, desired flexibility or ability of these systems to integrate.

Enj Solutions are able to provide three key values – Integration between existing system of record that exist, providing good initial fit solutions for functionality that is currently missing, and an ability to keep the solutions evergreen. Enj is able to deliver this because Enj Solutions are built using Enj’s innovative and intuitive ‘Low Code No Code’ approach.