Enj 4.1.0 Release Announcement

BISIL announces the release of Enj version 4.1.0. This release comes as a part of BISIL’s continuous drive to make Enj more and more capable and add value to the customer experience.

The following new features added to various modules of Enj bring significant improvement and offer greater operational flexibility. They also make Enj more secure on the net.

Enj Organize
Enj 4.1 provides increased functionality to the Functional and Administrative Supervisors capability. It also has significant improvements in the design UI to facilitate building the organization chart, viewing Assigned Roles & Users, Defining & Viewing Attributes, and rerouting transactions.

Enj Modeler
Enhancements to process notations and closer proximity to BPMN guidelines.

Enj Designer
It is now possible to exercise greater control over attachments to transactions. Feature enhancements also include increased visibility and control over database objects behind documents.

Enj Reporter
Key additions to automation of report generation and significant enhancements to the look and feel of reports.

Enj Portal
Enhancements to security in delivery channels for reports and integration of Reports with Portal.

About Enj
BISIL’s Enj enables organizations convert their every day business and functional activities into automated business processes. It also enables them to design associated documents, accept user input, forward the documents for information or approval to the concerned roles, store the accepted data in databases and retrieve it in the form of standard and user definable reports. Enj helps organizations orchestrate transaction from end to end. Enj also provides metrics necessary to monitor the processes the health, efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.
In addition, Enj enables organizations maintain their active and dynamic portal through its Portal extension. Enj Portal makes it possible to integrate parts of the enterprise data warehouse with their corporate portals.
Enj has been nominated as one of the Best System Integration Solutions at the Linux World Expo for 2003 and 2004 consecutively along with products from IBM, Microsoft, and BEA. The analysts have also favorably reviewed Enj.

Established in 1990, BISIL is a software products and services company and counts some of the leading companies amongst its clients. BISIL has executed several medium and large projects on a turnkey basis. It has rich experience in delivering products using cutting edge technologies along with functional expertise.

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