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Suggestions for Product Enhancements
We welcome suggestions from our clients and prospects to enhance our product, Enj. You can give your suggestions by clicking on the link below. When you give us a suggestion it goes to our Product management team where your request is noted. At this time you get notification. Then your suggestion is reviewed and forwarded for resolution to one of the many teams that look after different aspects of Enj. You will be kept notified of the progress of your suggestion through this process.

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For Enj Clients
If you are using Enj in your organization and face any issues in the processes developed by you, by BISIL or one of BISIL’s partners, use this link to report them to us. Please explain the issue in brief mentioning the application, module and process. Mention your email id for us to contact you in case we require more details about the issue. We will make every effort to fix the issue at the earliest.

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