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BISIL has the capability to provide end-to-end services to make its solutions generally available to its clients. There are three kinds of services that BISIL provides. These are described here.

BISIL provides Enj License and Support Services. The License and Enj Support services include various services required to make the Enj BPMS platform available to customers and partners. These include, among others, services for Delivering Enj, installation and installation support, Enj Configuration Training, Enj support, Patch and release management services. Enj License and Support services group also provides additional services to train user groups on how to architect process oriented solutions.

BISIL provides Consulting Services to manage the extended iterative system development cycle. The consulting team at BISIL provides a full service range of options and BISIL's clients use one, many or all of these services as needed.

The range of consulting services includes studying the requirements; conceptualizing, formulating and architecting process automation solutions; solution design; configuration and solution building services; solution deployment and implementation services; solution integration services; related documentation and training services; solution evergreening services for managing the extended iterative solution development life cycle to keep the solution evolving so that it remains in sync with changing business requirements.

BISIL's consulting services are generally organized on the basis of industries. Some of the industry consulting practices at BISIL and its partners are Health Care, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Professional Services, e-Commerce. BISIL and its partners have subject matter experts in each of these areas.

In addition to the industry practices BISIL has specialized consulting groups in the areas of HR, Collaborative Solutions, Solution Integration, Application usability and Interface Design .
The third area in which BISIL provides services is that of Solution Availability Services. Many BISIL clients find this a very useful addition to the service basket since this gives them the flexibility of turning the solutions with minimum investment and disruption. This comprises of the two broad areas - Infrastructure Provision Services which includes provisioning server side hosting infrastructure for connectivity, computing, software, storage and redundancy as required; Infrastructure Management Services which includes services for managing the infrastructure on which BISIL's solutions are hosted.